The Asset Guardian (TAG)

TAG is a world leader and a specialist in computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) as well as enterprise asset management (EAM) and asset performance management (APM) solutions. For over 15 years, TAG has helped companies of all sizes optimize maintenance operations, manage assets through their entire lifecycles, and maximize assets’ performance levels.


TAG CMMS is perfect for smaller maintenance teams looking to move away from printed work order and shift to digital maintenance. It includes all the core CMMS features you need to plan, track, and analyze your maintenance. Streamline your work order management, set up preventative maintenance workflows, manage inventory levels, access maintenance KPIs and dashboards, and more.


TAG EAM is ideal for asset-intensive operations with a large portfolio of assets. For organizations looking to manage assets throughout their lifecycles and automate their maintenance workflows, TAG EAM boosts operational efficiency by incorporating enterprise-wide features to your maintenance and resources management. It can easily be integrated into your ERP with our API options.


TAG EAM+ is a powerful solution for larger teams looking to unlock advanced asset management capabilities, condition-based and predictive maintenance, and smarter automation of all their asset and maintenance processes. It includes a broad range of features, such as linear asset management, GIS technology, 3D asset view integration, capital project management, advanced labor management, and more.


TAG APM is designed to improve the return on assets and reduce operational costs. Eliminate guesswork forever when it comes to your assets and deploy powerful analytics, budget automation based on asset history and health, and automated reactive maintenance. Bring your maintenance management to a new level with the Internet of Things (IoT), Big data analytics, advanced cloud settings, asset health and risk index, and digital twin technology.

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