Jet Reports

Fast, Flexible Financial and Business Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics Inside of Excel

No IT Required

Realtime Data

Pre-formatted Reports

Easy Business Central Reporting in Excel

Save time and avoid the errors inherent to static spreadsheets by reporting against real-time Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central data directly in Excel, with reports that drill down into transactional details and can report across legal entities. Leverage existing Excel skills and allow your team to easily build and modify the reports they require, without the need for coding or programming skills. Easily share reports across the organization that can be consumed both in Excel and in the browser.

Access a Single Source of Truth for Fast, Consistent Analytics

Improve team efficiency and reporting accuracy with a complete data management and BI solution, that is five times faster than manual coding. Ensure that everyone is using the same data to run their reports. Easily combine data from Business Central and other sources into a single source of truth. Take control of your analytics and reporting, without depending on a handful of technical experts. Quickly create reports with reporting layers using familiar business names instead of technical database terms.

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